Studying Sanskrit

Wow I always dreamed of this but some how I took a very long route to come this conclusion that I should be studying Sanskrit. I began my language study journey with Japanese which I am perusing for professional reason and would be giving the JLPT N3 in July and then N2 later in December by that time I will be fluent in Japanese. I wanted to learn another language along with Japanese, so the next obvious choice was Chinese which seems to have similar characters but it had various tones to memorize and it would create confusion with my Japanese study as the same characters have different meanings and sounds, so I abandoned it.

My next stop was in Europe trying to learn German as English and German are part of the same family but I did not find it interesting so soon I took off  from Europe back to East Asia. Now after googling for some time I found that Korean and Japanese have similar sentence structure and I even studied the Korean alphabet the ‘Hangul’ which is pretty easy learning the basic characters but again it was kind off getting in the way of Japanese study which is my primary goal so I abandoned that as well.

The I was back to the sub continent trying to learn Urdu which is like the twin of Hindi just written in a modified Arabic script, the script is wonderful but the left to right writing is quite a challenge and I had not much time for that but it one of the language I would love to study in the future. Next to the east of India flirting with Bangla the characters are different from the Devanagari script though not that tough, but I decided t keep it for my later study list.

Then came the big decision I said to my self rather than beating around the bush why don’t I learn Sanskrit the mother of all Indian languages and the one which had as special place in my heart. So here I am finally in Sanskrit land the place where I can be at peace with my self and I hope it  helps me get the best out of me. I know studying Sanskrit would be a big ask as it has tons of grammar rules to be learned and understood but hey nothing is easy in life, so here I go …..

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