Mobile phone

Mobile Phone, Cell Phone, 携帯電話 !!!

Some thing that was not existent two decades ago has gone on to become the most visible thing in todays’ world, such has been its impact that to survive today you need ‘Food, Shelter, Clothing and a MOBILE PHONE’. Unbelievable.After the television and the phone before (how can we forget our landlines), personal computer, the mobile phone has been an awesome discovery.

In Sanskrit the mobile phone would be called as भ्रमणध्वनि ( bhramaNadhvani ) or चरदूरध्वनि ( charaduuradhvani ) here

भ्रमण ( bhramaNa ) means roaming, roam about,

चर (chara ) has many meanings but here it means moving,

दूर (duura ) means far,

ध्वनि (dhvani ) means sound.

Wow, while breaking up the above words I realized the method is similar to Japanese where 携帯 (keitai ) means handheld and 電話 ( denwa ) means telephone and English as well mobile + phone.

These things are really getting me thinking and making it exciting.

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