Change in outlook

The decision to learn Sanskrit has truly changed my outlook towards Marathi as a language. I hadn’t touched a Marathi paper in ages apart from the fact of checking up with the latest sport scores, but reading an article never. May be I had begun treating the language inferior to English which has become my default reading language and with the variety material available in English its just hard to ignore.

Gradually I have begun appreciating Marathi written work as well as music and poems as well. The sweetness in Marathi language cannot be rivaled by any other language to my knowledge, words are like honey drop and the fact is I always knew that but just some how I never appreciated it.

I hope to keep on reading more in Marathi, but the fact is in today’s life many English words have displaced Marathi words making them the outsider simple everyday words like foothpath vs पायवाट / पाउलवाट etc. Here if the Marathi words are used you might find people with a question mark on their faces.