Here I start a new journey in the study of Sanskrit, I’m proficient in Hindi and English and Marathi is my mother tongue. I have an advantage of knowing the Devanagari script and sounds which is used for writing Hindi and Marathi, so I have an head start in Sanskrit compared to learning Japanese which I had to learn from scratch.

Sanskrit has always fascinated me with kind of history and aura it has, it will be my goal to become proficient in it. I would also like to include some Japanese, Hindi and Marathi as well in this blog. By the way I’m not that good at blogging, hats off to those people who can express themselves in writing. Lets see how good I can get.

I have been studying Japanese for some time now and the more I study about the language the more I respect our languages for the knowledge, structure and everything. Simple things like put a line above each letter that groups a word together now seems fascinating to me. Just hope to keep this desire burning and learn as much as I can.